Quality Management


Being customer-oriented and providing products with superior performance, reliable quality and trustworthy services are the key to competitiveness of United Science & Technology Co., Ltd.. Our company will produce internationally leading quality products of higher standards and quality requirements. At the same time, we will provide great service for customers with more advanced technologies and more positive attitude.


Operation policies of the company: standard management, innovation and technology, ecology civilization, guarantee security, value creation and pursuit of excellence. The company follows the operation policies, develops and perfects the product implementation system of the company, actively develops products that meet customer requirements, expands advanced product processing base, continuously improves product quality assurance system and constantly enhance product technologies and quality standards.


Quality is formed in the whole process of product service life, including R&D, design, manufacturing, installation, commissioning, service and application. As a result, it is required that all factors affecting product quality in the product service life shall be controlled. For this purpose, we have established sound quality management system through promoting ISO9001 quality management system requirements, quality management system requirements for TS international railway industry and CMMI software capability maturity model integration to standardize corporate quality requirements to achieve international integration in terms of our quality management.


We promote process management, establish process standards respectively based on different businesses and implement principal management. For principals on various posts in the business process, regardless of titles, they shall exercise functions and powers specified in the process, undertake responsibilities required by the process,  observe restriction rules of the process, treat the next process as the customer to ensure high quality and high efficiency of the process operation.


Improving process management routinization, automation and information integration level, continuously adapting to market changes and business expansion requirements and optimizing the original business process system are our long-term tasks. We will promote optimized business process in a planned way in order to respond to customer requirements more sensitively, expand routine management, reduce exceptional management, improve efficiency and stop up a loophole. Our basic idea for optimizing business process is to combine business process optimization and management information system construction and establish efficient and simple procedures and operation standards for key business of all operation fields; focus on basic business process, sort out relationships among various auxiliary business processes; on this basis, accurately position the duties and responsibilities of various departments and posts, continuously reduce approval number, constantly optimize process, systematically improve various management of the company and make the management system transportable.


We optimize project management and adopt matrix structure for the project organization form to give play to the professional advantages of various functional departments. Project management exerts management over the whole process of the project life cycle, which is system engineering. The project management of the company refers to the internationally advanced management mode. A full set of standard project management system is set up and is implemented according to the system. Scope management, progress management, quality management, safety management, risk management, cost management and change management are implemented over projects. 3-level supervision (project self-inspection, Business Unit inspection and corporate level inspection) and performance assessment management are performed over project implementation to ensure that the project products meet standard requirements of the company, the contract and relevant laws and regulations.  

Being quality centered, we implement whole process total quality management with full participation, popularized quality management knowledge, technologies and methods, promote excellent performance mode and continuously conduct management diagnosis, self-evaluation, improvement and innovation.  In this way, the company is capable of sustainably providing quality conforming, customer satisfactory and socially benefited products.