Galloping on the Belt & Road, the first LRT with participation from UniTTEC in West Africa -- Abuja Urban Rail Transit opens for operation
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Heroes are generated on the Belt & Road,

While craftsmanship fills the Silk Road.

Set the sail for Nigeria,

We together make the dream of UniTTEC real.



6367382368667249024411554.jpgAbuja Urban Rail Transit Downtown Station, Nigeria

On July 12, 2018, the grand opening ceremony of Phase-I project of Abuja Urban Rail Transit of Nigeria was held in Abuja Downtown Station with presence and ribbon-cutting from President Buhari. Ministers from the Ministry of Transportation, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Capital District of Nigeria, Zhou Pingjian, the Chinese ambassador in Nigeria, Zhao Linxiang, the business counselor, and leaders of China Railway Construction and CCECC have also presented on the scene. President Buhari expressed his gratitude for the capital and technical support from the Chinese government and Chinese people for the infrastructure of Nigeria. After the ceremony, accompanied by Belo, the Minister of the Federal Capital District and the ambassador Zhou Pingjian, President Buhari took the metro from Downtown Station to International Airport Station; during the journey, they also inspected the Idu rail transit operation control center.




President Buhari delivered speech on the ceremony



Ambassador Zhou Pingjian delivered speech on the ceremony




Operation control center of Abuja Urban Rail Transit  



Abuja Urban Rail Transit International Airport Station 

Abuja Urban Rail Transit is the first light rail constructed and put for use in West Africa. The entire rail with a total length of 77.782km adopts Chinese standards. Phase-I project covers about 45km which includes Lot1A and Lot3 lines with 12 stations designed. The highest speed designed is 100km/h. Phase-I project connects Abuja International Airport, Northwest-suburb satellite city, CBD and Idu Industrial Park, and links to Alka Railway, facilitating the transportation and greatly promoting economic development of Abuja and surrounding areas.  



Schematic plan of Abuja Urban Rail Transit 

We are proud that UniTTEC provides Abuja Urban Rail Transit signal system with BiTRACON independently developed by the company. The system includes interlock subsystem, axle-counting subsystem, ring road and subsequent board subsystems. Project of Abuja Urban Rail Transit is the first project abroad adopting comprehensive system of the company. 



Abuja Urban Rail Transit signal equipment room 

As the signal system provider, UniTTEC is rather excited for the opening of Abuja Urban Rail Transit. We cheer for the project success, as well as for every UniTTEC member who has contributed to the project. 

During the implementation of Abuja Urban Rail Transit, leaders of the company have attached great importance and instructed on the scene for several times for removing various “difficulties”. Over the two years, the project executors have overcome many obstacles including jet lag of seven hours between the project site and China, and poor network, ensuring each timeline of the construction; and they have gone through the vile weathers and defeated diarrhea and typhoid and other diseases, making great contribution to the project success. 


6367382379059343419974031.jpgUniTTEC Abuja Urban Rail Transit signal system implementation scene 

As a Chinese standard signal system provider representative, UniTTEC practically follows the Belt & Road initiative and actively explores overseas market, making an active part in promoting Chinese standard abroad.  UniTTEC members participating in the project are very honored and proud in spite of the great hardship during the construction. In future, we will keep on and realize our dreams together.

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