• BiLOCK Computer-based Interlocking System
  • Inter-city high speed train automatic operation system
  • Intelligent control and dispatching optimization system for Heavy Haul Trains
BiLOCK, the computer-based interlocking system provided by UniTTEC with full intellectual property rights, is suitable for signaling control of main line. The system has passed TüV Rheinland’s SIL4 international safety certification and is the first computer interlocking product in China that has obtained double SIL4 safety certifications for generic products and generic applications.

System Composition

Interlocking logic processing system

Human-machine interface sub-system

Diagnostic maintenance sub-system

Redundant network sub-system

Redundant power sub-system

The Typical results
Addis Ababa–Djibouti Railway safety signaling control system
The main results

Ethiopia Addis Ababa–Djibouti Railway: 752.7 km

Nigeria Abuja urban railway: 45.24 km

Inter-city high speed rail adopts control technology for high speed rail. It is an inter-city rapid passenger traffic railwaybetween high speed rail and urban rail, mainly applied in cities where there are requirements for interoperability for national railway and inter-city railway.

UniTTEC cooperated with HollySys to develop CTCS2 + ATO since 2011 and apply it in inter-city rail traffic where UniTTEC provides onboard ATO system.


The functions of inter-city rail ATO system includes automatic train operation, automatic operation adjustment, station stop management, station passing control, train’s precise stop and train door control. This system has been certificated as SIL2. China Railway Corporation organized all-functional testing and interoperability testing in Dongguan-Huizhou test line in July 2015 to satisfy the requirements of technical specification and Overall Technological Scheme of Inter-City Rail CTCS2+ATO Train Control System. It passed the trial review organized by China Railway Corporation in October 2015. The trains equipped with inter-city rail ATO have been in operation in Foshan-Zaoqing line since April 2016. Its key technologies such as station stop accuracy and operation schedule control and so on, have achieved international advanced level.

The Typical results
The onboard subsystem of intelligent control and dispatching optimization system does the train movement feasibility for heavy haul trains according to the running time from dispatching system through LTE-R in real time. On the principle of safety and energy saving, the system displays the recommended train control speed profile for the driver, which provides guidance for energy-saving based on the arrival and departure time. This system can interface with intelligent train working monitoring system. When the abnormal state in the way of heavy haul train, the system provides the train control information for driver, such as deceleration, driving slowly, train stop and so on. According to expert review conclusion, the system can save energy by more than 5% for heavy haul trains and increase the punctuality rate by more than 5%, which has reached the international advanced level.