Water treatment
HT-MT3 technical system (HT Heavy Metal Standard 3 Technical System): HTE HT-MT3 technical system is the heavy metal pollution prevention, control and treatment technical system based on the original THE HT-MT2 with independent intellectual property rights combining ten core technologies namely “high efficient complex broken technology”, “heavy metal capture technology” and “heavy metal resources recovery technology” and relying on the major scientific and technological innovative projects“Key Technical Research and Demonstration of Electroplating Wastewater Pollution Reduction” undertaken by the company.It meets new standard treatment requirements for the industries involved heavy metal wastewater like electroplating, surface treatment, metal smelting, printed circuit board, pickling and mechanical processing and can realize stably standardized discharge and low operation cost.
Engineering field figure
Core technology

Source pollutant control technology

The source wastewater classification and distribution and high concentrated waste liquid classified collection and treatment system with years of accumulated operation experience of HT can effectively improve wastewater treatment effect and largely reduce reagent cost. 

High efficient complex broken technology 

HT high efficient complex broken technology can conduct special high efficient advanced complex broken treatment for different complex, realizing the removal of various strong complex pollutants including chemical nickel.

High efficient heavy metal capture technology 

Through many project applications, we developed a heavy metal capture agent with strong chelating ability, ensuring stable standard of terminal heavy metals with low costs.

High efficient separation technology 

Through cooperation with foreign membrane manufacturers and verification by multiple projects, successfully realized the applications of high efficient separation technology of different special membranes under different working conditions, further guarantee effluent quality, improve efficiency and shorten process flow. 

Sludge reduction and separation technology 

Through HT source recovery, process reduction, terminal volume reduction and multi-level separation technologies to achieve the targets of reducing total sludge volume and improving sludge resources value. 

High efficient recycling technology 

It can realize high recycling rate of wastewater, system stability and low operation cost through multistage high magnification concentration technology of special membrane. 

Zero liquid discharge technology 

Based on the rich management experience in water quality and the advanced membrane application technologies, HT can realize wastewater zero discharge and maximum resource utilizationcombined with water and material balance of the whole plant. 

Special biotechnology

Relying on special microorganisms cultivated from electroplating wastewater , it will realize all biochemical indicators up-to-standard combined with the optimized biochemical process. 

Heavy metal resource technology 

Through source recycling, process separation, terminal sludge refining and other technical systems, it can realize maximum resource value of heavy metal sludge.。

HT2.0 smart control technology 

Through years of accumulated operation and management experience in dozens of electroplating projects, HT continuously develops and optimizes automatic control methods and parameters and has formed a set of high efficient smart control system for heavy metal wastewater treatment by combining smart control technology and independently developed smart water system. It can realize convenient and efficient management, safe and stable operation. 

The typical results

Typical performance: wastewater treatment in Longwan Lantian Electroplating Industrial Zone (treatment capacity:10000m3/d)

Technical advantages

Strong system stability: Complementary technical advantages, smooth coordination, verification and optimization of multiple projects and multiple technical guarantee.

Good treatment effect: realize up-to-standard dischargeunder various standards and improve recycling rate of reuse water. 

Low treatment cost: high degree of heavy metal resource, low production of hazardous sludge, high reagent utilization efficiency and less manpower for smart management 

Less investment: high degree of technical modulation and equalization,  less space 

Convenient operation management: years of accumulated operation and management experience, high automatic and precise control, big data smart management.